ASHE Converting Equipment is an independent manufacturer of premium quality slitting machines, slitter re-winders and customised applications. Based in the UK, we’ve been producing and supplying slitting machines in the UK and converting machinery to the global film, paper and allied web industries for over 30 years.
AV Flexologic

Flexologic machinery designed for the Wide Web flexo industry ranges between manual, motorized, automatic and fully automatic mounting machines and it supports different widths. They provide complete solutions for every flexographic printer, therefore their portfolio includes supporting equipment such as customized Sleeve Storage Systems, Demounters, Tape Applicators, and Sleeve Measurement Systems. AV Flexologic’s equipment has been created with and for their customers from all over the world.

With 50 years of experience in the flexographic industry, AV Flexologic is the global leader in mounting and pre-press equipment by providing innovative cutting-edge solutions for optimizing the pre-press workflow and eliminating bottlenecks.

AV Flexologic’s coverage has no limitations. AV Flexologic provides worldwide flexo solutions and has a wide-range service & support network. The company’s headquarters are located in the Netherlands and Eastern Europe.



Fueled by 100 years of innovation, Baldwin Technology provides the top hardware, software and consumables to automate, enhance and apply intelligence to production processes.

We specialize in engineering and manufacturing solutions for printing, packaging & converting, textile production, film extrusion, and other industrial applications.

Why Baldwin:

Premium technology

Unmatched process support

IoT-connected solutions

Friendly field service

Fast and reliable parts ordering

Global presence and availability

Tailored support

100 years of continuous innovation


Busch products include the following: Pile turners – for the high demands of the printer or paper and board converter & to improve print quality. To speed up the finishing process. The pile turner functions: Turning – airing – aligning – Jogging – dust removing – drying – conditioning – ionising – pallet changing – centering – pulling sheets. Die cutting machines – for die-cutting outline shapes of labels, inmould labels, brochures, credit and service cards, plastic stickers, children’s booklets, note pads (also with a sloping edge) and similar articles. Banding machines – a wide range of machines offers banding from the smallest up to the highest volumes. They offer first-class banding material – made-up in Germany. Busch manufacture dedicated conveyors for all well-known finishing machines which produce cut waste. Pile hoists – for automatic lifting and lowering of palletized cutting material The pile hoists can also be used for de-stacking cutting material. Joggers – The uniform, highly precise alignment and the formation of reams into blocks by the air removal roller are prerequisites for accurate cutting. The joggers allow continuing cutting during material preparation outside of the cutting machine.  
Excellence in Print Finishing Equipment…because printing is only half of the work! Add sure value, luxury and sustainability to your printed products with the Ecosystem equipment. Paper transforms and acquires added value, from packaging to commercial publishing, through our film laminating and coating machines which will inspire you to develop products with ever greater refinement, design and originality. Stand out from competition!  

Flexo Wash is a leading cleaning solutions company based in Denmark. They specialize in cleaning equipment and eco-friendly cleaning liquids for the flexographic and converting industries. The mission of Flexo Wash is to successfully develop innovative and high-quality cleaning equipment to satisfy needs of printers worldwide and thus creating consistent print quality and high productivity with focus on safe working conditions and low impact on the environment. With 30 years of developing high-quality cleaning solutions, Flexo Wash covers all types of cleaning machines of innovative designs for solvent and non-solvent cleaning liquid that can be re-circulated in the Flexo Wash units – all to meet their customers’ needs for sustainable cleaning solutions. Today Flexo Wash is a global technology company driven by family values, visions and not being afraid of shooting for the stars.
Throughout the company history and still today Flexo Wash is made by people who do not compromise with quality, flexibility, and sustainability to deliver leading cleaning solutions.

Focke & Co

Experience intelligent electronics

The portfolio of FOCKE & CO is assigned to provide customized packaging solutions for different products for the hygiene & tissue as well for the food & consumer industry. For those, FOCKE & CO is specialized on tailor-made end-of-line packaging solutions, featuring for example gentle product handling for delicate products, such as snack food and bakery products. Additionally, FOCKE & CO serves the hygiene industry with high-speed packaging lines for packing products such as sanitary napkins, pads and diapers are packed into bags or cartons.

Focke Packaging Solutions GmbH, located in northern Germany, is the second largest company within the FOCKE group. Responsible for all applications it serves the hygiene & tissue and food & consumer industry with the complete range of purchasing, sales, engineering, project management, assembly and service.


Fong Kee International
Fong Kee International Machinery Co., Ltd. (FKI) is the leading Machinery Manufacturer in Taiwan, specializing in the Plastic Extrusion Industry. Some of the main products include: Blow Moulding Machines, Blown Film Machines, Sheet Making Machines, Lamination Machines and CPP Cast film line. FKI is one of Asia’s leading brand names in extrusion equipment.
Garant Maschinen

Garant Maschinenhandel GmbH was founded in 1973 by Windmöller & Hölscher, a market leader in printing, converting and extrusion machines for the packaging industry. Since then, GARANT has been selling new and second hand machines for the production of flexible packaging worldwide. A further area of competence is the trade with second hand machines of our parent company Windmöller & Hölscher, also based in Lengerich. Flexographic printing machines, finishing machines and large bag systems are particularly worth mentioning here. These are reconditioned and repaired by our employees at the customer’s request. Easy Working is a working method that they have developed to make your daily work as efficient and relaxed as possible while always achieving perfect results.

Easy Working means: the balance between what is technically feasible and what makes economic sense. If a used machine is still in perfect condition, we carry out the necessary overhaul work before we resell it to you.

Golden Tec

Golden Tec Machinery Co., Ltd. are the most reliable manufacturer and exporter of sheeter and are famous for offering high quality products in the global sheeter market.

Both single rotary knives and twin rotary knives are our main products all meeting the latest European CE standards. Golden Tec owns many patent rights.

Their experience spans over 21 years, many countries and the needs of hundreds of converters and printers of every type and size handling a wide range of materials. GTM provides an extensive choice of models and configurations to suit the varying requirements of the industry.



HASCO standard components – basic elements for mould and toolmaking.

With the invention of the modular standard component system, HASCO has defined international standards and revolutionised mouldmaking. Designers and mouldmakers benefit from a complete range of ready-to-install, high-precision system components and intensive specialist advice.

Its range takes in more than 100 000 products, providing you with customised, simple and cost-efficient solutions for tool and mouldmaking, as well as for the plastics processing industry. Hasco supplies you with a complete assortment of ready-to-mount system components, including comprehensive application and implementation support.

35 locations worldwide are working with you on the standards of tomorrow.



However varied the applications may be, they all need paper. And anyone who processes paper and print knows Hunkeler’s name as a byword for excellence. It stands for “Excellence in Paper Processing”. That is their constant claim. Working for the printing industry since 1922, they are an owner-managed family business which today has some 280 employees around the world. Hunkeler AG is one of the world market leaders in the development, construction and sale of paper finishing systems for high-performance digital printing.

Hunkeler’s role as a technology leader is confirmed by thousands of successful installations over the world. Leading digital press manufactures and users of all kinds appreciate their expertise. From banks and insurance companies, printing companies, publishing houses and mail rooms to print service providers and nishers, our excellence in paper processing is at home everywhere. Global representatives and subsidiary companies in SA, Germany, Italy, France, Hong Kong, Brazil and North America expert sales and service in a spirit of partnership.

Hunkeler Systeme

However varied the applications may be, they all need paper. And anyone who processes paper and print knows Hunkeler’s name as a byword for excellence. It stands for “Excellence in Paper Processing”. That is their constant claim. Working for the printing industry since 1922, they are an owner-managed family business which today has some 280 employees around the world. Hunkeler AG is one of the world market leaders in the development, construction and sale of paper finishing systems for high-performance digital printing.

Hunkeler’s role as a technology leader is confirmed by thousands of successful installations over the world. Leading digital press manufactures and users of all kinds appreciate their expertise. From banks and insurance companies, printing companies, publishing houses and mail rooms to print service providers and nishers, our excellence in paper processing is at home everywhere. Global representatives and subsidiary companies in SA, Germany, Italy, France, Hong Kong, Brazil and North America expert sales and service in a spirit of partnership.


Horizon finishing devices use factory automation technology to meet market demands and have captured the largest market share of print-finishing systems worldwide. They are the only manufacturer in the world to provide solutions for five core postpress finishing processes: folding, collating, stitching, binding, and cutting. Horizon first entered the international market in 1981 with sales in Germany. Since then, the company has expanded worldwide with overseas sales becoming their largest share of revenue. Keeping everything in-house has long been one of Horizon’s major policies and applies not only to manufacturing, but all other business aspects like R&D, design, programming, marketing, and customer service. This allows them to stay organized and provide high-quality solutions and services for a reasonable price. In 2019 Horizon produced over 14,000 devices of 650 varieties, this flexibility means they are guaranteed to have a solution that not only meets your finishing needs, but is customized to match the layout and space of your production floor.


Kingston Data Systems
Quantum EMS helps your company achieve a remarkable boost in manufacturing efficiency by providing your machine operators with cutting edge technology to help complete jobs faster, more efficiently and with less waste.

The 50 year history of this family owned business is characterized by a high degree of technical competence and innovative ideas for the exercise notebook converting industry and other paper converting industry.

Line O Matic Graphic Industry is the market leader in paper stationery making machine industry catering to 90% of the domestic market and having existence over 70+ countries globally. We provide training guidance support to all our clients before handing over the operations.



Macarbox is reinventing the way the machinery for corrugated board is designed and manufactured, offering speed and flexibility like never seen before. Complete solution for the production of corrugated board. Flexible solution adaptable depending on customers´ requirements.

Wide range of solutions for the production of corrugated board boxes. Independent FFG and RDC lines, as well as completely integrated turn-key projects.

Cutting-edge technology to achieve the best printing and cutting finishes of corrugated cardboard.

Macarbox machines help you saving energy and costs.

100% manufactured in European Union with high quality materials.

Macarbox machines offer high quality, efficiency, and reliability.

Complete corrugator line with cutting edge technology.

Single, double and triple corrugated board.

High quality flexographic printing at high working speed.

Speed production up to 24000 box/hour.

Quick die-change system.

Automatic Anvil grinding system.


MB Conveyors
Our corporate mission is to provide all the solutions required in a process line where product is collected from a production unit and conveyed it until it is finally stored in dedicated containers. Our work and experience in the plastics industry, but also the food production, packaging, medical and metal-working sectors, have helped us to develop a “Made in Italy” philosophy focused on the creation of made-to-measure solutions, machines and systems: “No single conveyor can comply with every customer’s requirements, but every requirement needs a dedicated conveyor” This is our motto and we try to put it into practice every day with our well-designed, quality products.

The Meccanotecnica Group is the world leader in designing and manufacturing automatic book-sewing machines and gathering and sewing lines for the industrial production of books.

Meccanotecnica has been producing machines for industrial bookbinding since 1964. Its automatic book-sewing machines, known worldwide with the ASTER brand, have quickly become synonymous with reliability and high performance.

The advent of digital printing has led to new solutions for bookbinding. These industrial machines can produce books in short runs and with rapid changeovers. The digital portfolio now covers the entire book production process: from the binding of the block to the three-side cutting. The brand UNIVERSE identifies the automatic book-sewing machines for digital printing. The back gluer PROXIMA automates the preparation of books for the casing-in process, and the three-knife trimmer TRIMMING automatically processes short runs down to one book, even with flaps.



Established in 1907, Meech International is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of static control, compressed air technology and web cleaning systems, both contact and non-contact. Meech has specialised in industrial electrostatic control for over 50 years. This experience has led to R&D that matches changing customer needs. Meech pioneered the industrial use of pulsed DC technology for static control and now has thousands of systems installed in the plastics, converting, printing and packaging industries.


MOHR is a brand of Adolf Mohr Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG. based in Hofheim, a family owned company with over 100 years of tradition.

For decades, Adolf Mohr has been producing high speed cutters and cutters sold worldwide under the brand name POLAR.

In general, high-speed cutters made by POLAR are conceived for the printing business meeting the special demands of this industry. All over the world, hundreds of thousands of their machines are busy cutting both printed and unprinted paper.

Plasticized PVC, polyethylene, acetate film, plastic signs, wafers, plastic wraps, wrapping paper, aluminium foil, aluminium sheets, rubber, antirust paper and photo paper. Additionally, leather, leather cardboard, plate filters, medical filters, carpet specimen, felt, non-woven cloth, cork, bitumen/asphalt, fiberglass insulation, cloth, linen, wooden veneers, or abrading material. A long list of different materials, but all of them can be perfectly cut as long as you have a POLAR high-speed cutter and the necessary expertise.


Plockmatic Group, based in Stockholm Sweden, is a global supplier of finishing solutions to the print and mailing businesses. With over 40 years of experience, the company has built a solid reputation as an efficient and flexible provider of finishing solutions.
OFRU stands for high-quality plants with excellent manufacturing quality. Their production team builds professional recycling plants for professional companies with passion and pleasure. The family-owned company has long been based in Babenhausen and since May 2015 has had its new headquarters in Alzenau, in the north of Bavaria, on the edge of the Rhine-Main region. In the 1970s OFRU not only developed one of the first vacuum evaporators but was also instrumental in making the well-known distillation technology for flammable liquids known on the German market.

OMET Group is one of the most important and dynamic industrial companies in Northern Italy. Founded in 1963, it works in different sectors: printing, tissue converting, handling and cosmetics. Today it counts more than 400 employees and a consolidated turnover of over 130 million, with a solid market share in any reference industry at an international level.

OMET Group operates with companies and business units specialized by sector. Here we list the leading ones:

  • OMET Packaging Printing Machines (printing machines for labels and packaging)
  • OMET Tissue Converting (machines for the automatic production of napkins, paper towels and interfolded products)
  • OMET Systems in Motion (design and production of rollers and complete sliding and handling systems)

• O-PAC (cosmetics) 


Since 1973, PRATI has played a leading role in the label finishing industry at a global level. Centred on innovation, quality and lifelong reliability, their aim is to empower their customers through cost-efficient solutions which enable a strong competitive advantage.

By investing in new technologies and managing every step of the process, from design and prototyping through to installation and technical support, they ensure their customers benefit from tailored solutions for post-print finishing, inspection, die-cutting, matrix stripping, rewinding, cutting and overprinting.

With over 2,500 machines installed, PRATI operates at a global level with its two main subsidiaries located in Europe and Latin America.


Today’s demands on quality and increased printing speeds, which includes more colours and finer details, is a challenge in the printing process. Doctor blades are used in the most sensitive part of the printing process where the end-result is determined, impacting whether or not the job will deliver on demands from brand owners.

The R&D team at PrimeBlade is constantly looking into new materials, different doctor blade production methods and what is around the corner in terms of future development. By continuously interacting, they have gained valuable information, which has led them to the decision to challenge industry conventions and deliver more of a total concept on a new and higher level. They have also defined and adapted how and when they deliver, handle technical issues, find the best solution for different print methods, develop products adopted for new challenges and how to be a strong partner.

A worry-free production, with high uptimes, creating less waste and keeping production teams happy.

Recy Technologies
Recy are dedicated to the design and production of complete solutions and components for recycling, specialising more and more in the recycling of all waste normally defined as difficult to recover. Recy provide innovative and customised solutions for plastic recycling and waste treatmen. Recy Technologies designs and manufactures complete systems for sorting, separating, washing and granulating waste, using our cutting-edge technology to achieve the best possible results at each of these stages.
Roll-o-Matic is an international pioneer and market leader in the manufacturing of high-end solutions for the production of bags on roll (perforated or interleaved), plastic film products and other related items. Dedicated specialists in innovative, long-life solutions, we help our customers increase their production capacity and achieve a higher level of automation, accuracy and efficiency – all prerequisites of a good, sustainable business.

Over the years, the Research and Development department of Rossini Spa has developed some of the most important innovations that have revolutionized the world of flexographic, rotogravure and offset printing. Cutting-edge solutions designed to improve performance efficiency, increase productivity and make the entire process safer and more effective. Ideas and innovative products that have led to an extraordinary array of international patents, developed entirely in-house.

Continuous in-depth analysis of actual market needs, together with the most advanced production techniques, have enabled Rossini Spa to introduce completely new materials and products, as well as cutting-edge solutions designed to speed up changeovers and improve the efficiency of printing machines.



Since incorporating in 1946, Sakurai Graphic Systems Corporation has manufactured printing equipment and provided sophisticated services to customers closely tied to the domestic and overseas printing industry under their corporate philosophy of developing and maintaining customer relationships that endure for generations.

The printing industry, which plays such a vital role in the communication of information, is undergoing a structural revolution in response to increasingly diversifying and sophisticated market needs. We at Sakurai Graphic Systems Corporation intend to continue development, manufacturing and sales of offset/screen printing presses and auxiliary equipment as well as developing printing equipment with advanced technology as a total solution-oriented company that satisfies the needs of the market.


Sandon Global
Sandon Global is an award-winning manufacturer of anilox rolls and cylinders used in the flexographic, corrugated and metal decoration print industries, worldwide. We trust and believe that Sandon Global’s expertise in anilox laser engravings will offer our customers world class printing solutions and exceptional value.

SBL was established in 1968. Their products cover a wide range from auto die-cutting & creasing platens, foil stamping & die cutting platens, high speed folding & gluing machines, braille machines and more.

With more than 50 years manufacturing & research experience, they have reached a privileged reputation in Taiwan as well as in the line of the post-printing industry. SBL is highly efficient, economical, practical & safety conscious in installation and function.

Extensive investment in research & developing new products and participating in the printing exhibitions every year such as DRUPA, PRINT & IPEX… ensure that SBL keeps abreast of the latest printing developments.



Schmedt helps their customers to produce, finish and restore high-quality books. To make this possible, they focus on two core business areas: wholesale of materials and tools, and manufacture of bookbinding machines. Whether you are looking for an affordable entry-level solution for hardcover production or want to produce books-on-demand or photo books, they offer the optimal solution for the production of short and medium runs for your requirements. Schmedt is an owner-managed family business with about 40 employees at our two locations in Hamburg (warehouse & headquarter) and Bienenbüttel (production). We sell our products worldwide and our range includes more than 10,000 products. From materials and tools for the restoration and conservation of books to supplies for the collection, exhibition of books and preventive measures. Schmedt machines cover all areas of hardcover book production and finishing. Format changes are simple and possible, small to medium runs can be produced in craftsmanship quality and investments are manageable.



Schobertechnologies develops and manufactures rotary scoring, creasing and embossing tools for the application of product specific profiles in materials such as carton, filter-materials, nonwovens and fuel cells. Plenty years of experience show: “creasing and embossing is a matter of trust”. A creasing or an embossing in the wrong place diminishes the optical appearance and the technical function of high value products. Count on Schobertechnologies tools and modules for high precision creasing, when manufacturing:

– room air and environmental filters

– automotive and hemotology filters

– coffee filters

– archive folders

– fuel cells

– (aseptic) liquid cartons

– packaging for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products

– packaging for cigarettes, frozen food, groceries and cleaning products, …

In addition to high precision creasing, the rotary process can be used in a cost-effective way to produce high quality cold and hot foil embossing at high production speeds.

It was the first magazine to be aimed directly at the label industry and relevant information on trends and technologies, which was often difficult to find in the general printing and packaging media. The international focus was evident from the beginning and in the first couple of years there were subscribers from 20 countries. Today Labels & Labeling is read in 114 countries. Labelsandlabeling.com was launched in 2001 and quickly expanded from an online home for the magazine to the global portal for the label industry. With news updated every day, it is the first stop to discover the latest innovations, case studies and company profiles.
Synaptik was established in 2010 and is a privately held company located Catalonia. We are an international company with installations all over the world. We are a team of experts in lamination with many years of experience in the flexible packaging converting business. We develop and supply a unique in-line coating weight measurement system for the lamination process: the gScan. Our motto is “We help you laminate better”. Thanks to our knowledge and experience in the market we develop and provide solutions to your problems.
Tauler Laminating Tech

Tauler Laminating Tech manufacture finishing machines for the graphic arts and specialise in laminating machines which are made up of basically dry, cold glue and flute laminators. TAULER design all kinds of laminating machines for the international market.


TRESU is a highly specialized company offering flexible, customized solutions of flexo printing press machines and ancillary products and parts for flexo, digital and offset printing to the graphic industry. TRESU has 40 years of experience and expertise in the development and production of engineered solutions for this industry. With production facilities in Denmark and an international agency network providing local support and know-how, TRESU is a strong player in the global market. Our program of multi-station flexo printing machines brings added value to virtually all application areas in package converting, including self-adhesive labels, carton, corrugated & solid board, and flexible packaging. We also offer a full range of precision-engineered ancillaries for original equipment manufacturers and end-users in the flexo, gravure and offset markets, including our renowned Chamber Doctor Blade system. Additionally, TRESU applies its engineering expertise to the design of high technology solutions, such as coating machines, for the digital printing industry.

Tymi Machinery

Tymi Machinery is a Taiwan based manufacturing entity, that specializes in developing the most impeccable quality Full Coating Machine, Powder Cleaner, Calendaring Machine, OPP Film Laminating Machine, Varnishing Machine, Spot UV Varnishing Machine, Varnish Coating Machine, and much more. Hard work, dedication, and persistence reflects the success of our company.

Product Range :

Film Lamination Machine

UV Coating Machine

UV Spot Coating Machine

Film Laminating Machine

Varnishing Machine

Spot UV Varnishing Machine

Varnish Coating Machine

Ultraviolet Curing Machine

UV-Curing Systems

UV Light Curing Systems


With an industry-wide reputation for reaching new milestones in production efficiency and a unique ability to continually raise the technology benchmark that comes only from diverse experience and a rich seam of technical knowhow, Vetaphone systems tick all the production and financial performance boxes, providing you with a stable work environment and helping to ensure a contented workforce.

Vetaphone has a proven track record that is second to none, and a dedication to support the quality of their products with a first-class support team and copious spare parts availability. Their aim is to be your perfect business partner by providing a seamless operation from initial brief to installation and commissioning, and then to support you for all the years that follow.

When it comes to surface treatment, Vetaphone the first and only choice you will ever need to make!


Windmöller & Hölscher

For 150 years, Windmöller & Hölscher (W&H) has been constantly demonstrating its innovative power and is one of the leading suppliers of machinery and systems for the manufacturing and converting of flexible packaging. Their product portfolio includes high-performance machines for film extrusion, printing and converting. Specialized undertakings such as complete reconditioning of used machines as well as the construction and technical distribution of paper and film sack machines are taken care of by their subsidiary Garant. Their daughter company W&H Machinery is the leading producer of machinery for industrial woven packaging.

Wittmann Battenfeld

Innovation and technological advancement for maximum customer benefit in many industries are the fundamental principles of the WITTMANN BATTENFELD injection molding technology.
The modern and comprehensive range of machinery in a modular design meets the actual and future requirements of the market, taking into consideration the best utilization of the applied energy.
WITTMANN has realized thousands of demanding applications in the field of automation so far. These have led to optimizing production processes and to improving part quality in every single case.
The range of WITTMANN auxiliary equipment is covering all application areas: drying, conveying, blending, tempering, and recycling. The WITTMANN Group is on the side of its customers – be it with training, consulting on technologies and processes, support via telephone or web or at the customer’s location or the long-term availability of original spare parts.


State-of-the-art printing technology:

Discover digital presses and toner systems for a wide variety of printing applications.

Consistently top-notch imagery:

Xeikon digital presses deliver 1200 DPI resolution and automatic quality control for a superior offset look & feel.

Over 30 years of experience:

Benefit from Xeikon’s expertise as the pioneers in digital printing.

Expert advice & guidance:

Xeikon focuses on your unique needs and provides the best solution to grow your business with their

machines, consumables, converting & workflow solutions.