Injection moulding is a complex manufacturing process. 

The process melts, injects and sets molten material into the shape of a metal mold that’s fitted into a machine. It is the most common modern method of manufacturing plastic parts and is ideal for producing high volumes of the same product.

From automotive to home appliances and medical devices, components in a variety of materials are used to protect, enhance and build a huge range of products.

A variety of reasons make injection moulding the most widely used components manufacturing process, including:

  • FLEXIBILITY:  Manufacturers choose the mold design and material type used for each component.
  • EFFICIENCY:  Once the process has been set up, injection moulding machines can produce thousands of items per hour.
  • COST-EFFECTIVENESS:  Once the mold has been built, the cost of production per component is low, particularly if created in high numbers.
  • QUALITY:  Whether manufacturers are looking for strong, tensile or highly detailed components, injection moulding produces them at a high quality repeatedly.

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