IPEX is pleased to announce that we are Anicam’s latest distributor of the AniCAM HD Plus with Anilox QC & AMS for Continuous Measurement and Control of your Anilox Inventory.

Knowing the condition of your anilox for a printer/converter has been proven to save considerable press setup time, reducing make-ready waste and landfill disposal costs. Anilox QC automatically measures the volume, depth, screen count, cell wall & opening, angles and consistency of volume across the roll width against a proven standard (ACP)

With many different QC options such as:

Complex Cell – An optional software module for volume and geometric measurement of non-hexagonal cells allows you to measure any type of engraving (i.e. tri-helical, stretched hex, QUAD and GTT).

X -Axis Micro Adjustment – This option has been developed to allow users to move the analysis head of the camera laterally up to 10mm (+/-5mm) to assist in finding certain measuring positions.

Anilox Management System (AMS) – Record, Track, Print and Store your inventory details using the Anilox Management System, showing suitability, wear rates and cleaning scheduling, enabling you to plan for future expenditure to replace or refurbish anilox rolls.

MagneCAM HD – Positioning an AniCAM HD Plus on steel cord cylinders/rolls rotated at any angle, incorporating magnetic legs and special internal drive system to allow measurement on press, where access or removal of cylinders or rolls is difficult.

Find out how you can get your hands on an AniCAM HD today! Visit our website to find out more about them https://ipex.co.za/ or contact us on 011 793 7816.