Schmedt PräLeg Book-Casing Machine

Produce, finish and restore high-quality books

The PräLeg is a casing-in machine for casing-in books in bookbinderies. It is designed for manufacturing short, on-demand runs with varying book formats, as well as for series production in industrial bookbinderies and printing works.

The machine operates on the proven principle of one blade for holding and transporting the book block between the gluing units.


Anyone looking for casing-in solutions for one-off production and smaller series in the hardcover sector cannot avoid the PräLeg. We are continuously developing this tried-and-tested casing-in machine to offer our customers the best possible solution. Set-up times are eliminated when working with the PräLeg – different materials and formats can be processed without format settings.

Settings can be made very easily via the integrated touch screen. Among other things, the glue application can be adjusted to optimise processing for different types of book blocks (e.g. photo books) or backlining types (e.g. gauze). Besides standard hardcover covers, very small and soft covers can also be processed. After use, the machine can be cleaned easily and quickly thanks to an automatic self-cleaning system.

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